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I was born in Sydney, Australia during the era of the greatest music ever made- the 1980s! I come from a family of lawyers, and left school at 16 to star in a Network Television Series (you can find it on youtube..if you want to laugh!) before returning to the family fold and going to Law School and Advertising School.
I was always a piano player and singer paying my rent during University, and when i graduated, I got scouted by Disney Cruise Line and never went back to the Office! My 20's were spent touring the great oceans and cities of the world with my own piano lounge show with Disney!
My mum always took me to great art galleries and to see incredible music growing up, and i think these early experiences, coupled with my TV experience and travel developed my passion for Film and Video- the most comprehensive of all art as it includes both Audio and Image!

I married my best friend- a beautiful mid-westerner (Hot and Humble!) and moved to New York 9 years ago, and have been Filming Weddings, Events and still playing music ever since. I'm still a part time Music Director of one of the largest temples in Westchester (when i'm not filming!)

It's been amazing to capture the journey of so many couples while still on my own crazy journey. What a ride it's been- let's keep it going!

we love telling stories, ours has been crazy

Attention to Detail. From meeting our couples, throughout the planning process, the day itself and then into post production, passion for the details matters. We strive for consistency in our product for every wedding. We don't just care about the 60 second teaser to make us look good on our instagram. Our job is to immortalize your day with beautiful image capture AND the highest quality audio. Ceremonies and Speeches may not be as sexy as a beautiful, cinematic film, but capturing them properly and with artistry is fundamental to being a quality Wedding Film Company. Don't make the mistake of hiring a filmmaker off a 60 second teaser you saw on instagram- anyone can make them look good. 

Relax and have a blast! Personality in your Photography & Video team is essential. We are your biggest cheerleaders on the day (and help keep things on schedule!). You only get to live it once (but re-live it over and over through your films), so make it count, be present, and trust we got you covered. The best films and photos come from you being yourself. Plus it's the best you are probably ever gonna look so embrace it!

Always leave more time than you think for Hair and Makeup! Start earlier. Trust me. Photo and Video will arrive for final touches, and popping that Champagne. Some of the great moments are putting on the dress and first looks- they are too often rushed, stressful and delayed- which carries into the rest of the day. Just start prep earlier with a decisive schedule, so you can really enjoy your time with your family and bridal party and with no stress! An extra hour more than you currently have on your schedule is worth it!


the keys to a GREAT wedding day

These qualities make the best weddings. These qualities make the best wedding films.
Do everything with love and passion, with attention to detail, and always insist on quality.
We promise we will. 

Love. Passion.
Attention to Detail.
Don't Compromise on Quality.

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our philosophy

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